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Beth Clark – Certified Health Coach in Pensacola, Florida

Certified Life Coach in Pensacola, Florida
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Understand how your Lifestyle, Excercise, Attitude and Nutrition choices integrate and set the stage for your overall Health. Beth Clark Certified Health Coach, I can show you simple steps to help you take charge of your health and achieve optimal wellness. Call 850.525.8942

Reviews & Testimonies

Smart Shopping
Don’t let the aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store intimidate you!  Shop with confidence when you discover the secret to identifying healthy foods!  Receive a suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.

Group Presentations
Our fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are packed full of practical, affordable tips and advice.  Perfect for community events, health fairs business luncheons, schools and more!

Workplace Wellness Programs
For every dollar spent on employee wellness programs, employers receive three to four dollars in health care savings according to researchers at Brigham Young University.  Let me provide wellness programs customized to fit your needs!